January 1, 2019

While walking on the beach near my home, the most magical phenomenon appeared in my vision: Nature’s dance of wood and stone and water as a tiny gift of Light. It took some time for me to piece together how it could have happened.

This rock is being hugged by tree bark. The bark would have fallen from its tree in a routine dry shedding. The strip was wispy and delicate then, brittle. Did wind carry this bark to the sea? Taking a bath in the ocean provided qualities of density and pliability, giving it strength. I imagine that salt, too, contributed to a kind of curing in support of the transformation.

The beginnings of the union of bark and stone took place on a beach sometime later. How the bark could have picked up the rock, so heavy and solid, is a mystery. Perhaps laying in the sun next to the stone the strip began to dry again, bowing and curling in slowly. There arose the possibility of wrapping its new friend in an inner embrace. I wonder if any sound was made as the stone passed along other pebbles below, dragged ever closer by the enfolding contraction, almost imperceptibly.

Waves picked them up so they could dance together in the ocean. The force of a moving watery environment that offered continuous moisture was required for the dance to go on. Gentle pushes from ebb and flow helped the bark in its curling momentum… It encircled and held, in love with the stone now. There was no escape. The stone settled quietly into its little womb, a new nesting place for the long haul.

Back on the beach, drying time in the sun took care of the final arrangement. These two are fused forever, no quality of twoness left. “Not two.” When I look at this I feel so happy. I see a unique creation, a sacred object—a majestic, intelligent demonstration of the cosmic forces that work around us and through us. I ask myself: To what degree can I extend such love, support and embrace of others? What depths will be reached in the waters where I attend to and include? With what resolve do I make manifest and enact the reality of our True Nature, our inborn and spontaneous creative force, our generosity in service to the Whole?