Onward Into Wellness

July 3, 2019

Sometimes it’s easy for me to forget that by a mysterious and powerful thread of benevolent miracles I am alive today.

The suffering over many years through chronic pain and illness was a formidable path that I would never wish upon anyone, and yet so many endure a path that entails such a degree of suffering. My heart breaks hearing the stories of those whose quality of life has been reduced to simply bearing and coping.

In the newsfeed of an online group offering support and community to people with chronic disease, I find a woman’s eloquent reflection upon the current chapter of her journey: “Good days are becoming so precious and dream-like, so majestically exhausting, so regretfully fleeting, and so immediately hazy in their auto-recall.” This inspiring depth of personal insight likely would not be of solace to the writer in the midst of the struggle, and yet the impulse to reach out, connect and discover her experience has meaning and value cannot be extinguished by the overwhelming symptoms.

As an Integrative Health Coach, I am given the opportunity to extend the torch of hope for recovery and healing that I carried for myself during the years of tenacious work required to transform my state of health. My wish is to save my clients a lot of time... May they not have to suffer as long as I did. I marvel at what changes become possible with the appropriate joining of physical supports and therapies, social engagement, commitment to self-care practices and a willingness to trust one’s own innate intelligence. We integrate these aspects of a robust wellness plan in service to the desire for a vibrant life and the belief “I can get better.”

I help my clients to simplify their challenges, uncover and address root causes, and reshape the belief systems and emotional patterns that come hand in hand with persistent symptoms until the reshaping exerts its healing power at every level of their being. It is a privilege to do this work, and as my practice grows I look forward to being enriched by all the wisdom clients uncover within as they discover their own answers and make effective choices that keep them moving onward into wellness. The Healing Relationship unfolds from the fundamental understanding that their experience—however painful, confusing, overwhelming or seemingly defeating—has meaning and value. And it carries unlimited potential for transformation.